Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Crazy Monkey Studios

Crazy Monkey Studios is an independent video game development studio. Founded in 2010, Crazy Monkey Studios is based in Kontich, Belgium.
Crazy Monkey Studios was founded in 2010 by Steven Verbeek and Martijn Holtkamp, after they met at a game conference. They teamed up to develop the game 'Empire: The deck building strategy game'. With limitted resources, they created Empire and launched it on iOS and Android.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Creative Life - Babes in the Belfry

My life in France has given me a new lust for bell towers... my apartment was across the road from the worlds most famous at Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. Of course, a bell tower would not suit most homes... but I live in a schoolhouse!
My Beau has had an obsession with the house's missing bell tower since we moved in. And I am fairly accepting of all of his whims and eccentricities (he really is a beautiful man). Hence the month long build and final raising of our bell tower in August.
The night before was a terrible storm so we were so  happy to see the sun peak out the morning the crane was to arrive. At the 8am raising, a dozen onlookers including my parents, a few friends and neighbors watched our tower come to life. A father and daughter who had both attended the school (25 or so years apart) dropped by to see it go up. Even a "reporter" from our local paper ;)
The bell was rung, it sounded lovely and overall the schoolhouse looks the best it has in 30 years, reunited with its "headpiece". We are now officially the crazy couple who live in an old schoolhouse.
At least once a week I run into the house and excitedly say to My Beau, "there is a bell on the top of our house!"

Here is the original belltower circa 1941:

The raising by my gorgeous beau (black shirt):

Et toute fini! Ma cloche d'école est très mignon!